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Chef Tracy Griffith - Sushi American Style

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Irresistible and Nutritious Gluten-Free Sandwiches, Wraps and Other Easy Eats.

Order Tracy's new cookbook that wrap up health and fun food and roll it to you and your kids: STEALTH HEALTH LUNCHES KIDS LOVE.  The subtitle is Irresistible and Nutritious Gluten-Free Sandwiches, Wraps and Other Easy Eats.

Nearly every lunchtime staple nowadays includes bland, carb-loaded bread that leaves kids bloated and sluggish. That is, until now.

Best-selling author and health-conscious chef, Tracy Griffith has the answer: unique gluten-free sandwich wraps that hide healthy ingredients and are appealing to kids. With STEALTH HEALTH LUNCHES KIDS LOVE, Tracy presents parents with a multitude of healthy, delicious ways to prepare exciting wraps for their children. Say goodbye to dull bread and same old wraps because each recipe is packed with nutrients to give kids a happy, healthy, energized day, wrapped in fun shapes and are easy to eat. Kids will also have a blast in the kitchen making their own STEALTH HEALTH creations.

As the first woman to graduate from the California Sushi Academy, author of SUSHI AMERICAN STYLE, Executive Chef for New Gem Foods, and from a prominent Hollywood family; Tracy Griffith has used her diverse life and culinary experience to create irresistible and innovative lunches in this soon-to-be family favorite cookbook.

These recipes were intensively tested on kids from the prestigious Hong Kong International School (which is attended by children from throughout the world) to Singapore to schoolchildren in New Jersey, New York and Los Angeles. Each recipe passed a majority of thumbs up from at least three to five kids. Short quotes will run with each recipe and add to the fun and make the book stand out to kids.


Sushi Everyone Can Love!

Everyone loves sushi, but who wants to deal with raw fish when making it at home? In SUSHI AMERICAN STYLE: Easy Techniques, Everyday Ingredients, American Flair (Clarkson Potter/Publishers, Publication date: August 2004), sushi chef Tracy Griffith shares her creative adaptations of traditional sushi, turning familiar ingredients-most of them cooked-into tasty treats the whole family will enjoy.

As the first female graduate of the California Sushi Academy, Tracy is well-accustomed to trailblazing in the sushi field. In the beginning of her sushi career, customers would constantly say "I don't like raw fish. What else can you make me?" or "Ya got anything cooked back there?" At first, she would wonder, Why are these people here? Why don't they go to Burger King?, but then she started thinking about the prospects that cooked sushi could offer. Inspired by these less-than-intrepid but eager sushi-eaters, Tracy created SUSHI AMERICAN STYLE. Sure, at first a fried-chicken roll seemed a little unusual, but it tasted great and her customers raved about it. At last, sushi everyone could love!

Throughout SUSHI AMERICAN STYLE, Tracy shows how to prepare sushi without the raw fish, using easy-to-find ingredients in creative, delicious combinations. Simple fillings abound, like bacon, lettuce, and tomato; grilled pork and barbecued chicken; and sautéed vegetables. Try the Cowboy Roll with steak and bleu cheese, Rocket Roll with arugula and pepper-spiked chicken, or the luscious Rich and Famous Roll with lobster claws and salmon roe. Serve your vegetable-loving friends the sweet-tart Jicama-Lime Roll, the rich Roasted Asparagus Roll with creamy goat cheese and crunchy pine nuts, or the favorite Green Goddess Roll with its amazing dressing. For international flavors, Tracy includes the Asian-inspired Ginger Crab Roll and the Mexican-flavored Two Tiger Roll of shrimp, tomatillo, and chipotle sauce. There's even sweet sushi for dessert-this is sushi like you've never seen before!

With SUSHI AMERICAN STYLE, Tracy aims to overcome the obstacles that confront the home cook regarding sushi. Most people, even die-hard restaurant sushi fans, are hesitant about making it at home. In her engaging voice, she explains how to get started with basic ingredients (wasabi, nori, rice vinegar) and tools (bamboo mat, rice cooker). And, at the beginning of each section, Tracy explains techniques with step-by-step photographs, taking the intimidation out of the process.

Tracy's sushi rolls are packed with flavor and perfect for entertaining. Pass them around as hors d'oeuvres at your next gathering, or throw a "roll-it-yourself" sushi party. With SUSHI AMERICAN STYLE, you'll learn everything you need to know to make creative sushi without the fuss. Rock and roll!


Chef Tracy Griffith - Rich n' Famous Sushi

Chef Tracy Griffith - Primavera Roll

Chef Tracy Griffith - Club Roll

Chef Tracy Griffith - Watermelon Sushi